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[Pre Order] Heroes VI Collectors Edition

*Harga : Rp. 1.500.000,-
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The Might & Magic Heroes VI
Collector’s edition includes:
  • Might & Magic Heroes VI video game
  • 164-page hardback book featuring game concept art
  • Engraved collector Haven Ring
  • God Dragon Lamya T-shirt
  • Game Soundtrack featuring tracks composed by Rob King and Paul Romero
  • Extra game content:
- Solo campaign with 3 hours of gameplay
- 4 in-game heroes
- 2 in-game items
  • 1 free month on Heroes on Might and Magic Heroes Kingdom.

Description :

The Might & Magic Heroes VI adventure starts 400 years before the events in Might & Magic Heroes V, showcasing a family of heroes in a thrilling, epic story where Angels plot to revive an unfinished war. A legendary Archangel General, killed during the war of the Elder races, is resurrected. Under the cover of preparations for an upcoming Demon invasion, he plots to recover his powers and take control of Ashan while eradicating his ancient enemies. Yet he underestimates the power of the all-too-human Griffin dynasty. The Griffin family at this time contains five distinct and powerful representatives. These are the main heroes of the Might & Magic Heroes VI campaign, and they will lead its different factions to battle. The destiny of each of these heroes are for you, the player, to decide.

Key Game Features
  • Classic Gameplay - Remastered with the well-known developer, Black Hole, and in close partnership with the game's numerous fans.
  • Unique Action - Explore extra-large adventure maps, collect tons of resources and build extraordinary cities. Perfect your tactics to level-up your heroes, recruit troops and ready them for combat on exclusive battle maps.
  • Take Control - Lead the Heroes of the Griffin dynasty within intriguing scenarios. Choose your path, assume your choices and customize your gaming experience thanks to a brand new reputation system.
  • The Rich Might & Magic Universe - Discover fantastic landscapes and creatures from the world of Ashan. Enjoy revisited 3D designs and an exclusive new bestiary.
  • A Strong Community - Post content and compete with your friends, using a new and intelligent, online community interface.
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