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[Pre Order] The Witcher 2 Premium Edition

*Harga : Rp. 700.000,-
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Description :

ExExtensive non-linearity within advanced gameplay mechanics. We are able to go through the situations on our path in various ways. Choosing our allies along the story path will, for example, reveal brand new and diverse possibilities and threads
Unique quests more connected with the main plot - no more simple "deliver or pick up object" quests
Greatly enhanced character development, in which each decision with regards to development, including individual skills, result in different kinds of gameplay. It is based on three specialisations: sword, magic and alchemy, which can be mixed to create hybrid character styles
Traditional system that has the player fight opponents with a fixed difficulty level, maximizing satisfaction gained from developing a powerful character. Battles with particular types of opponents become progressively easier as the player advances in level
Advanced crafting mechanics vastly increased the possibilities for players to create their own items: about 200 items - weapon and armour elements are possible, compared with just 10 swords in The Witcher
Many elements of armour - jackets, gloves, belts, knee pads, etc. increase variety for the player. Upgrade each element separately, offering many combinations of armour, as opposed to just four types of armour available in The Witcher
Composit-built weapons, allowing many different types of swords (about 300 vs. 10 in The Witcher)
New equipment system, streamlining and making gameplay more flexible, thanks to no limits in the number of carried items, clear division into sections, and an improved sorting system

The Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings - Premium Edition Includes:
  • The Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings game
  • Making of Video DVD
  • Official Soundtrack
  • World MapGame Manual and Game Guide
  • Pamphlet and Cursed Coin
  • 2 x Papercraft Figures of Various Game Characters
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It's a pity because what I did see and get to play was stunningly gorgeous. Throw in an incredibly detailed and rich world where even the idle chatter of the NPCs is enjoyable. Everything I've seen showed an attention to detail and depth of thought I've never seen in a game before.

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