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[Pre Order] Tales of Monkey Island Collectors Edition

*Harga : Rp. 850.000,-
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Description :

Tales of Monkey Island is a full episodic series built in cliffhangers similar to your favorite TV show. In early 2011 we will integrate the series into one retail box with bonus content, appealing to the retail adventure game, comedy and Monkey Island fans.

Mighty PirateTM Guybrush Threepwood inadvertently infects the entire Caribbean with evil pirate LeChuck’s demonic mojo, threatening the freewheeling piratey world!


Following the game's announcement at E3 2009, IGN named it the "Biggest Surprise" of the convention, and it was a finalist for GameSpot's Best Adventure Game of E3 award.

IGN and readers choice nominated the first and third chapters as the best Wii and PC adventure games of the year.

Nintendo power nominated Tales of Monkey Island for their awards for overall game of the year, best WiiWare game and best adventure game.

PC Gamer US awarded it "Adventure Game of the Year".

Tales Of Monkey Island: Collector's Edition Includes:
  • Production art gallery
  • Desktop wallpapers, fun forum avatars
  • Drink coaster from Club 41
  • Pirate piece of eight coin
  • Gulf of Melange map
  • Voodoo card
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