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[Pre Order] Far Cry Collection 1&2

*Harga : Rp. 260.000,-
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FAR CRY Double Pack Collection (1 & 2) PC:

Double Pack of the best-selling Far Cry and its sequel Far Cry 2. Far Cry: You are Jack Carver, a boat skipper who thought he'd seen all the South Pacific had to offer. But nothing could prepare you for what you are about to uncover on these islands. Heavily armed mercenaries are just the beginning of the getaway gone to hell! Far Cry 2: A civil war has swept through the country and you're caught in the middle of it. Track down the person at the forefront of the fighting, a ruthless arms dealer known as "The Jackal". As you undertake deadly missions and form fragile alliances with conflicting rebel groups, one thing becomes clear- the Jackal is hunting you too....!
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