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[Pre Order] Europa Universalis I+II+III

*Harga : Rp. 400.000,-
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Description :

The Europa Universalis Collection contains the 3 highly acclaimed releases in the series. Characterised by immense depth and historical content that delivers challenging gameplay and strategic depth, Europa Universalis is critically acclaimed by gaming press and strategy enthusiasts alike. A recognised and respected strategy series, known for challenging, innovative and entertaining PC strategy gameplay, Europe Universalis is unparalleled in its depth and historical accuracy.
  • Enter into a beautiful 3D world with hundreds of fully animated units, both land and naval!
  • Highly detailed and interactive cities which are unique for each culture.
  • Designed for customising – Change your world to your liking, create your own kings and queens, or even a new continent.
  • Use historical Ideas and recruit Great Men in order to make your country flourish the way you want it to!

Core gameplay:
  • Flexible Nation Building - Decide on your type of government, the structure of your society, your trade politics and much, much more.
  • Possible to start at any point between 1492 and 1792.
  • A much more personal and flexible governing of your country through choosing of Ideas and Great Men – Never mind what really happened, and rewrite history to your liking; colonise the New World or conquer Asia, even though you play as a country which had no such historical traditions.
  • A newly developed user interface, which is as easily accessed and comprehensive for the beginner as it is for the experienced gamer.
  • Co-operative multiplayer over LAN and Internet.
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