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[Pre Order] Dawn of War 2 Chaos Rising

*Harga : Rp. 300.000,-
harga sewaktu-waktu bisa berubah

IN THQ Inc. and Relic Entertainment's sequel to the acclaimed Dawn of War II real time strategy franchise, you return to sub sector Aurelia where a long lost frozen ice planet has reappeared from the Warp, bringing with it new secrets to uncover and foes to face. In Dawn of War II: Chaos Rising you will take command of the Blood Ravens and defend the sector against the Chaos Space Marines of the Black Legion. Purge the chaos filth and hold the chapter together as traitorous forces work from within to try bring down the Blood Ravens.

Features :

  • New Single Player Missions - Continue your fight against the enemies of the Emperor and use your squads¿ wargear, abilities, and experience to battle Chaos in 15 new missions New environment and Multiplayer Maps.
  • New ice planet graphics set will increase the visual diversity and adds 7 new PVP maps Aspire to Glory - Build your existing squads up to level 30 and unlock even more devastating abilities Chaos Corruption Mechanic -
  • New single player mechanic allows you to equip incredibly powerful equipment that corrupts your squad and will guide the story towards or away from the corrupting influence of Chaos New Multiplayer Race - Swear loyalty to the Chaos Gods and play as the bloodthirsty Chaos Space Marines in multiplayer battles against both Chaos Rising and Dawn of War II owners New Units -
  • New units for the Space Marines, Ork, Eldar, and Tyranid armies in multiplayer.
  • 2 New Last Stand Heroes - Face off against the relentless horde as either the Chaos Sorceror or Tyranid Hive Tyrant"

Minimum Specifications:
OS : Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista SP1
Processor : P4 3.2 GHz (single core) or any Dual Core processor
RAM : 1.5GB
Disc Drive : DVD-ROM drive
Hard Drive : 5.5GB or more
Video Card : 128MB Video Card (Shader Model 3) - Nvidia GeForce 6600 GT / ATI X1600, or equivalent
Sound Card : DirectX 9.0c or 10 compatible
Input Device: Mouse and keyboard
Other : Internet connection required for online Games for Windows LIVE play

Recommended Specifications:
Processor : AMD Athlon 64x2 4400+ or any Intel Core 2 Duo
RAM : 2+GB
Video Card : 256MB Video Card (Shader Model 3) - Nvidia GeForce 7800 GT/ ATI X1900, or equivalent
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