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[Pre Order] Napoleon Total War - Imperial Edition

*Harga : Rp. 620.000,-
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Released 26th February 2010

Product Features

The Napoleonic era was a time of political unrest and epic battles played out on an unprecedented scale. It revolutionized the organization and size of European armies through the use of levĂ©e en masse (mass conscription). But the strength of an army finds its roots within every soldier’s individual skills.

Napoleon: Total War Imperial Edition includes the exclusive “Elite Regiment” and “Heroes of the Napoleonic Wars” pack to be downloaded into the game.

The “Heroes of the Napoleonic Wars” pack gathers the most superb infantry and cavalrymen who fought during the great Napoleonic battles: 10 exclusive units, which will all make a difference during key engagements, whether using formidable weapons or exceptional tactical skills.

The “Elite Regiment” pack is a collection of 5 of the most Elite Forces of the Napoleonic Wars, from all the major European factions. They proved their bravery, discipline and excellence in key battles and will dramatically expand the player’s strategic options on the battlefield.

These exclusive elite units become available on the campaign map once you have made a specific technological advancement or own the relevant territory.

The following elite units are included as part of the box copy of the Napoleon: Total War Imperial Edition. This premium packaged edition comes complete with an illustrated biography of Napoleon Bonaparte and a unique Steam unlock code. Once the game is installed and verified by Steam, players can enter their code and unlock these elite units which will then appear in the single and multiplayer games.

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