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Order for January

Aril (AMUNTAI) order GTA IV delivered
Fram Shaw (DPK) order GTA III delivered
Rio Andita (BDG) order Dragon Age Origins delivered
Rio Andita (BDG) order The Sims 3 + Wolrd Adventure Exp delivered
Rian Ashari (BALIKPAPAN) order Dirt 2 delivered
Alfin Kamali (JKT) order Crysis Warhead delivered
Alfin Kamali (JKT) order NFS Shift delivered
Irawan Rafa order The Settlers 6 Gold Edition delivered
Suryanto (BDG) order Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 cancel
Jimmy (PDG) order GTA IV delivered
Dedi Setiawan (JKT) order The Sims 3 + Wolrd Adventure Exp delivered
Ian Suryawan (YGY) order Heroes III+IV Complete Edition delivered
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