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[Pre Order] Unreal Anthology

*Harga : Rp.260.000,-
harga sewaktu-waktu bisa berubah

4 Classic Shooter Games

Description :

Defining the first person shooter genre for the last decade, UNREAL has set the standard for the worlds ultimate multi-player experience. Using the most advanced 3D engines ever created, mind bending worlds of mayhem and destruction await. From the ruthless artificial intelligence of the original UNREAL, the death gladiator chaos of UNREAL TOURNAMENT, the mind-jarring explosions of the epic UNREAL II and the blitzkrieg of land, air and space combat of UT2004, the Unreal franchise is the king-of-the-hill in multiplayer carnage. Unreal Anthology brings the ultimate experience to your PC with the most mind blowing universe of games known simply as unreal... Ready to dominate?

Anthology pack contains:
  • 1 music CD
  • 1 Double layered DVD containing:
  • Unreal 1 with Return to Na Pali Expansion pack
  • Unreal 2
  • Unreal Tournament original - Game of the year version
  • Unreal Tournament 2004 - Editor's Choice version
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