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Medal Of Honor Allied Assault (Mac)
Medal Of Honor Allied Assault Breakthrough Expansion (Mac)
Medal Of Honor Allied Assault Spearhead Expansion (Mac)


You Don't Play You Volunteer

Battle through the entire Medal of Honor Allied Assault collection. From D-Day to Berlin, experience all-out WWII action and stunning historical accuracy in what has been widely acclaimed as the best firt-person shooter game ever.

In Medal of Honor Allied Assault engage in intense multiplayer combat, blast away online via Internet or LAN with up to 32 players per game. Visit stunning locations from North Africa to Norway, occupied France to the heart of Germany. In Spearhead you are given more firepower, including smoke grenades and heavy artillery. Explore nine single-player levels from Normandy to Berlin, including the Battle of the Bulge. Finally, in Breakthrough expand your multiplayer levels to Monte Cassino and Anzio, as well as your arsenal. With 12 additional Allied and Axis weapons, you will be ready to fight.


Mutliple Styles of Play-use stealth to infiltrate German headquarters, drive a Tiger Tank, lead squads of Army Ranger, and more.
A Massive Arsenal-blow away the enemy with a variety of authentic WWII weapons, inlcuding machine guns, bazookas, grenades, and much more.
Enhanced Multiplayer Combat-featuring Tug-of-War mode
More than 50 single-player and 29 multiplayer levels spanning Europe
48 authentic WWII weapons

System Requirements:

Operating System:Mac OS X 10.2.8, 10.3.4 or later recommended
CPU Processor: PowerPC G3/G4/G5
CPU Speed: 800 MHz minimum, G4/G5 1GHz recommended for Breakthrough
Memory:256 MB or higher
Hard Disk Space: 2.6GB free disk space
Video Card (ATI): Radeon 7500 or better
Video Card (NVidia): GeForce2 or better
Video Memory (VRam): 32 MB or higher
Media Required: DVD Drive

Multiplayer Requirements:

Internet and LAN (TCP/IP) play supported
Internet play requires a 56Kbps or faster connection
Network play Mac to Mac and Mac to PC

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