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[Pre Order] Bioshock Limited Edition

Bioshock Limited Edition

*Harga : Rp. 2.000.000,-

harga sewaktu-waktu bisa berubah (sudah termasuk ongkos kirim se-Indonesia)

BioShock is a narrative-driven action experience that allows players to do the impossible as they journey through an amazing, immersive and terrifying world. Caught between powerful forces and hunted down by genetically mutated citizens, the player will come to grips with the mysterious and fascinating world of Rapture, a distinct Art Deco underwater utopia gone mad. BioShock not only challenges the players’ capacity to adapt and survive, but brings to question their values and commitment to the inhabitants of Rapture. With smart and adaptive AI, no encounter ever plays out the same, while numerous customization options provide gamers with an experience that adapts to their playing style.

This Limited Edition package of BioShock celebrates the release with a number of special bonuses. Included is a video DVD of behind-the-scenes footage, the soundtrack CD, and a special Big Daddy figurine.

Special Features
  • Limited Edition -- Custom-made 6" Big Daddy figurine
  • Limited Edition -- Soundtrack CD featuring tracks by Moby and Oscar the Punk
  • Limited Edition -- Special embossed graphic cover art
  • Limited Edition -- Video DVD of the making of Bioshock
  • Take control of your world by hacking mechanical devices, commandeering security turrets and crafting uniqe items critical to your survival
  • Upgrade your weapons with ionic gels, explosives and toxins to customize them to the enemy and environment
  • Genetically modify your body through dozens of Plasmid Stations scattered throughout the city, empowering you with fantastic and often grotesque abilities
  • Explore a living world powered by Ecological A.I., where the inhabitants have interesting and consequential relationships with one another that impact your gameplay experience

  • Warnings
    Blood and Gore,Drug Reference,Intense Violence,Sexual Themes,Strong language
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