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GTA IV (New, Sealed) Harga : 280.000 New Update

Age of Empires [Collector Edition] I & II Harga : 235.000 New Update

Sacred 2 Fallen Angel Harga : 270.000 New Update

S├Âldner-X: Himmelsst├╝rmer [Limited Edition] Harga : 180.000

*Chaos Legion [XPLOSIV Edition] Harga : 110.000

*edisi ekonomis

GTA IV (New, Box Sedikit Penyok) Harga : 280.000,-SOLD 03/09/09

kondisi box lihat gambar samping bawah ==========>>>

Three Kingdom : Fate of the Dragon (New, Manual) Harga 150.000,- UPDATE

Kondisi manual pinggirannya ada sedikit cacat, namun barang masih baru.

Battlefield 2 Complete Edition Harga : 300.000,- UPDATE
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